OMC’s comprehensive family mediation will manage a net family property discussion with supporting computerized programs which will position the law-model within the practical restructuring plans for the family. In addition to the financial settlement on dependency and support dynamics, we can complete an individualized restructuring plan which deals with all assets and liabilities upon agreed evaluation formulas.

We stage a series of learning conversations regarding tax implications and other evaluations on the various relevant dates of the marriage and separation which can optimize your best joint plan going forward with third-party institutions including your banker and debt holders. In the alternativelaw process, you will both be provided with reliable and verifiable information regarding the law model with specific reference to the possession and proprietary interests of a matrimonial home in Ontario. Moreover, you will be assisted in best practices’ discussions regarding the various ways that a reasonable property solution provides the next step to your family’s restructuring of a coordinated property and financial settlement.

Like any good estates plan, a viable property settlement will ensure that the maximum benefit of your financial history can be retained by your family in its current and foreseeable economic future. As such, the next series of decisions is extremely important in forging a better financial future for your family matters. We will help to keep you on course for a wise and durable agreement.