One of the major benefits of family mediation is the creation of wise and durable parenting plans, particularly when the agreement stages reviews and adjustments based on developments with the family in transition. Usually one of the first areas of consensus to be discussed and organized at least for current and foreseeable purposes is the topic of the children and the residential schedule with two homes. Moreover, a good early focus on decision-making exploring practical options and handy solutions is usually helpful to create a better foundation for a viable co-parenting plan going forward.

Our general Step 1 Intake and Assessment process will discuss your level of safety, security and concerns regarding this crucial set of parenting discussions. This confidential intake and assessment component is mandated by professional practice standards and will determine the specific mediation process structure which conforms to governing requirements. (NB-Presenting situations of recent and severe safety concerns may not become accessible to this alternativelaw cooperative process design. For those individuals looking for another type of service provider, resources for the safety and domestic abuse pathway would be available separate and independent from OMC). In other situations where there are concerns about safety and domestic power imbalance, we may be able to recommend process structures which identify current and continuing concerns with a specific plan on accountability and responsibilities of both participants in the proposed mediation process.

In the event that both participants truly affirm that “the other parent is fit and capable” and there is a candid attention to maintaining the mediation as a free and fair process of cooperative negotiation, OMC may very well be the best joint decision that you could make for your family matters.