Over the last 25 years, we have improved our alternativelaw family mediation process to coordinate with obtaining Divorce Orders on consent. The proven alternativelaw system involves coordinating a total package -firstly resolving all rights and obligations arising out of the marriage and then pivoting to produce a dissolution of the marriage itself.

Phase 1 (Steps 1-4)  is a mediation process organized for a comprehensive family law settlement . Once the mediation segment is concluded to everyone’s total satisfaction, the next Phase 2 (Step 5) divorce processing proceeds on consent on an uncontested basis.

OMC coordinates the relevant provisions of the pre-existing settlement to the divorce processing counsel who will provide unbundled legal services to the final Divorce Order on a seamless track with a tailor-made package that continues to support you in crafting your own wise and durable resolution as may likely be recognized by the Family Court, without you even entering the courthouse.

We conform to your self empowered settlement, your convenience, your budget and timetable. Online family mediation and uncontested divorce processing works as you control your decisions while we respect the continuing jurisdiction of the Superior Court of Justice with the orderly administration of justice in your family matters. You use common sense and navigate your settlement and then our reliable affiliated legal counsel will navigate the courts for your final Divorce Order. OMC helps you stay the course.