Firstly, we know that you will take the time to read through our website which is designed to facilitate your progress in the online mediation process. Our job has already started in providing you both with reliable information which you can use to support your cooperative discussions and consensus building.


You would consider contacting our Client Services Representative who is available on by:

Telephone (613)-829-7000
Email [email protected]
or contact our website chat or response prompts.

Then you’re in the alternativelaw tracking system and we will ensure that you know exactly where you are on the progress sequencing through the OMC steps. Our Client Services Representative will also monitor your progress and remain available for questions, payments and final consumer survey.

  • Step 1

    Contact us and we will commence our intake procedures on a complimentary basis.

  • Step 2

    Participate in a process assessment ensuring that family mediation is the best option for your family matters.

  • Step 3

    Confirm our process recommendations and schedule your online mediation session at your convenience.

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